Bamboo Cutting Boards - Top Five Advantages

One of the first cutting boards we engraved was bamboo.  We really believe in all the superior quality offered by bamboo cutting boards.  What are the reasons someone would choose bamboo over another wood or even plastic?  We're glad you asked!  Without further ado, here is the "Top Five Advantages" of bamboo cutting boards:

5.) Less Water Retention

Bamboo doesn't absorb moisture very easily.  Since the water or juices from cooking or cutting are less likely to enter the board surface, the boards are less likely to warp or crack due to water separation.

4.) Durability

Bamboo is more resilient to nicks, scratches, and dents than most hard woods.  While bamboo is technically a grass, the wood that is harvested can reach up to 120 feet tall and 8 feet wide!  On the Janka Hardness Scale, it rates around the top third of boards, beating out woods such as cherry, hickory, white oak, and brazillian redwoods.

3.) Self Healing and Easier on Knives

Because bamboo is made up of many individual strands of grass, they "heal" from scratches easier than many other solid wood surfaces, similar to how end-grain cutting boards perform.  Since the knife blade is hitting these individual strands rather than a solid unyielding surface, knife edges take less abuse from bamboo boards.

2.) Bacterial Resistance

Bamboo doesn't retain bacteria easily.  Most woods don't, but many studies have noted that bamboo tends to shed bacteria off of the surface better than most other hardwoods.  This is because bamboo is a non-porous surface, this makes it easier to clean and safer for food preparation.

1.) Renewable

By far our most favorite aspect of this wonderful material!  In today's age, we are all concerned about sustainability.  Bamboo grows much faster than wood.  While a fully matured tree can take up to 50 years to grow, bamboo can be harvested from three to six years after planting, making this material very renewable, and kinder to the environment.

We'd love to help everyone get a personally engraved bamboo cutting board to add to the beauty of your kitchen.  Here are just a couple of some of our favorite ones that we've created for our customers!

A Cherry Blossom design done on a bamboo cutting board.

A Family Crest engraved onto a bamboo cutting board.

You can order these bamboo cutting boards and other sizes by clicking on our Etsy store and personalize your own!