Edge Grain Blocks Story

As most small business evolve, they often have to find opportunity to expand into markets they never considered.  That's how our edge grain blocks became an addition to what we offer.  

When we began to build our company,, we quickly realized that creating our own wood cutting boards created a lot of waste product.  We decided to capitalize and recycle our waste into a beautiful edge grain block.  We now do blocks in all our woods and in three different sizes, 12x12, 12x15, and 12x18.  

What are the benefits to edge grain over a standard board?  Generally, the edge grain of wood is a bit softer and more forgiving on knives.  So most cooks and chefs prefer the edge or end grain (next post), to a standard face grain.  

We recently completed a 130 walnut edge grain block order for Gallo Winery !  Interested in and edge grain of your own?  Shop HERE!