Last updated on May 21, 2016



A. Payment must be received 'in full' before starting any order.

B. Credit Cards are processed through Stripe and Sqaure

1. Credit card processing will be subject to the policies of the processor

C. All items for an order must be purchased in the same transaction to be shipped together.

1. If any item is added after a first order, it will be shipped separately with full shipping fees applied.

2. Orders cannot be held to allow for any additional purchase to be made before shipping.

D. Items requiring additional cost requested in the "notes" WILL NOT be able to be added to an order.

1. Additional cost items include, but not limited to:
Gift wrapping, Cutout Handle, Juice Grooves, Stands, and Board Conditioner.

E. All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.

F. TaylorCrafts is not obligated to honor any price comparison to a prior order, or to quotes older than two weeks.



A. Domestic Shipping is via FedEx under TaylorCrafts’ account.

1. Shipping may take 2 to 7 business days as determined by FedEx.

a) Shipping times do not include Sundays or Mondays

b) Once an item is with FedEx, shipping times are under their control and are subject to their own policies and potential delays.

2. Delivery dates are not guaranteed

a) Delivery dates are guaranteed if domestic 2 day express has been purchased.

(1) 2 Day shipping will not count Saturday or Sunday in shipping times. This is FedEx policy.

B. Shipping addresses on any order cannot be changed.

1. Orders placed with the incorrect address, must be cancelled and placed again with the correct address.

C. Deliveries will be given a tracking number and emailed information regarding the status of the item.

1. It is the customer's (or recipients) responsibility to track down the item.

D. P.O boxes ship through Fed Ex smartpost. (FedEx transits to a local post office that handles final delivery). This adds additional time to shipping and TaylorCrafts will not be responsible for those delays.

E. Addresses to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and APO/FPO will be done through USPS.

F. Packing slips will be included on all orders, and cannot be requested to be left out.

1. Domestic packing slips will not show pricing typically.

G. Gift notes will be included if requested by the buyer.

1. Gift notes are subject to editing for space requirements at TaylorCrafts’ discretion.



A. Shipping is through both FedEx and/or USPS

1. Pricing and customs considerations will affect the method used by TaylorCrafts and will not be changed by request

2. International shipping can take two days to two weeks depending on the destination.

a) TaylorCrafts has no influence over the length of time an international shipment may require.

B. International Orders and Customs or Brokerage Fees

1. Customs processing of your shipment might cause delays in the delivery of your package.

2. Customers are responsible for any and all additional import fees, taxes, brokerage fees, and handling fees for an order to be delivered. These additional fees are not collected or controlled by TaylorCrafts Enterprises.

3. Customers are responsible to be aware of their country's customs process and fee structure before ordering.

4. Local customs office may contact concerning payment of customs fees, or to receive final delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to respond to these communication attempts, or the package will be abandoned.

5. TaylorCrafts follows all applicable customs laws.

a) International shipments cannot be classified as gifts if being sent to the address of the purchaser.



A. If a package is deemed undeliverable, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the shipping company used in their locale and follow up with how to retrieve the package.

1. Packages will be abandoned if not picked up or scheduled for redelivery by the customer.

2. There will be no refunds on items or shipping if the customer has not claimed the package and it was shipped correctly by TaylorCrafts.

C. If tracking shows a package as delivered, but the package is not present, the customer must contact us immediately.

1. TaylorCrafts will file a claim with FedEx.

a) Once Fed Ex confirms the claim, only then a replacement will be issued.

b) Claims must be made within 30 days of shipment.

(1) After 30 days, Fed Ex will deny any claim.

(a) Denied claims by FedEx will not have replacements issued.

D. For damaged shipments, the customer will need to contact TaylorCrafts and provide pictures of the damage.

1. A replacement will be engraved and shipped within 48 – 72 hours of notification.

E. If the customer provided the incorrect address and the item has not arrived to it final distribution point, a change of address may be made.

1. A $10 change fee, must be paid immediately.

2. If the item is already on a truck for delivery, changes cannot be allowed.

F. If an item is returned to us by FedEx, the customer must pay the shipping fees charged by FedEx for the shipping error.

1. $15 return shipping fee for the return to TaylorCrafts

2. $15 reshipping fee to send back to the customer.

G. If the provided address by the customer is incorrect but is a deliverable address (former home, etc) a new item will have to be purchased. There will be no refunds of either the item or the shipping charges.

H. Wood is a natural product and needs to have exposure to light and air. We will not warranty any damage for a product that has been left in shipment materials.



A. Because all items are custom engraved, there are no refunds or exchanges on these items except in two specific cases:

1. Information was not correctly placed into the design.

a) NOTE: The CUSTOMER is responsible for providing the correct information. This only covers TaylorCrafts making an error in transposing the information

2. A board is severely damaged at the time you received the package.

a) This means broken, smashed, snapped, or severely warped at the time of delivery.

3. Additional consideration for warranty will be given at TaylorCrafts’ discretion up to a two week period only.

a) Once an item has been received and inspected, the customer will be presumed to have accepted the item in it’s current condition.

b) It is the customer’s responsibility to care for items purchased.

(1) TaylorCrafts will not refund or replace a board because of improper care.

B. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for minor color variations, small pits that are naturally present in wood, or other common characteristics of wood.

C. Each piece will differ in the engraving process due to grain, density, age, etc.

1. Pictures shown on the TaylorCrafts site represent a sample of engraving only, and does not imply a specific result.



A. Designs are purchased AS SHOWN unless you have made custom arrangements with us previously and paid a custom design fee in addition to the order.

1. "Design shown" includes format, layout, and font selection (Including "Est." when shown).

B. Customers are responsible for the information given for an order.

1. Customer personalization must follow the design guidelines (i.e. lines for names and date). Lines can be omitted if specifically requested in the notes, lines can only be added if spacing allows.

C. Every order is treated as complete at the time it is placed. Orders are not held to answer questions

1. Requests for TaylorCrafts to contact the customer prior to an order being engraved cannot be honored.

a) Questions to TaylorCrafts should be made via email PRIOR to placing an order.

D. Notes must be all inclusive on the order form.

1. Emails outside of the ordering system will not be referred to by TaylorCrafts in preparing the design.

E. Changes from the order notes will generally not be allowed, and if allowed, will be at TaylorCrafts’ discretion.

F. Requests for designs other than the design shown MUST be approved prior to placing an order.

G. Requests to change a design different than what is shown are at TaylorCrafts discretion as to both layout and outcome.

1. Notes that do not follow the design, or requests for additional lines will also be at TaylorCrafts discretion.

H. Dates that include "Est." or “Established” before the date will be included by default unless specifically requested to be removed in the notes.

1. Notes stating a date only will assume that "Est." is to proceed it.

I. Information will be copied from the order and placed into the TaylorCrafts design template.

1. This includes spelling, capitalization, and whether dates are text or numerical.

a) If the format given is different than the design allows then TaylorCrafts reserves the right to make the information match the format shown in the design for either aesthetic or spacing purposes.



A. On standard designs, a digital proof will not be provided. Information is copied, and proofs are not required for confirmation of any spelling of names or date information.

1. If a proof is provided it will be at TaylorCrafts’ discretion as a courtesy only, or to clarify unclear information

B. Changes from the information provided by the customer will only be allowed at TaylorCrafts’ discretion.



A. Custom orders refer to designs that are not already offered by TaylorCrafts, or conversions of customer provided images.

B. TaylorCrafts MUST approve all requests for Custom designs

1. Orders may be voided if approval for processing has not been secured prior to placing an order.

2. TaylorCrafts reserves the right to refuse any custom order due to difficulty, incorrect fees applied, lack of communication, inferior image, or unreasonable time for engraving.

C. Buyers are responsible for all rights to images provided by TaylorCrafts.

1. Customers providing an image to TaylorCrafts for engraving will have implied that they:

a) Have the right to use that image themselves and

b) Have given the copyright to that image to TaylorCrafts for engraving.

D. Additional charges will apply depending on the time and difficulty of the custom design order.

1. These charges and their guidelines are listed on our design fee listing.

E. Custom fees are subject to change based on additional work required, revisions, and engraving time.

1. TaylorCrafts reserves the right to request additional fees prior to service on any Custom order.  Once the design time has begun and the customer request changes after the fact, additional fees for design time will occur.  These fees must be paid prior to the item being engraved.

F. Additional engraving charges may apply if the request exceeds our allotted engraving time.

G. Proofs will be sent with every custom order, and have 72 hours to respond with approvals or changes.

1. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they follow up on their custom design.

2. Custom Orders that have not replied within the 72 hour timeframe may either be approved to proceed by TaylorCrafts management, or cancelled at TaylorCrafts’ discretion.

H.  If the customer cancels the order FOR ANY REASON, there is no refund on the design portion of the price.  If the customer purchased a wedding invite engraving on a 12x15, the item is $39 and the design cost was $10.  The $10 will NOT be refunded with a cancellation.


A. TaylorCrafts reserves all rights to photograph any work performed for promotional reasons, and to post any photography of work performed publicly.

1. Requests not to post work will be at TaylorCrafts discretion.

B. Custom designs will not be offered by TaylorCrafts for resale unless granted prior approval by the customer.

1. Posting any photograph for promotional purposes does not imply that design is offered for resale by TaylorCrafts.

C. As TaylorCrafts performed work as directed by the logo’s rights holder or authorized agent, all images of work performed will be considered “Fair Use” by TaylorCrafts.

D. TaylorCrafts will comply with DCMA requests not covered by the above policies.



A. These policies are not all inclusive and can be modified by any and all of the following:
 Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Payment Processors policies, FedEx Policies, and SquareSpace policies.

B. TaylorCrafts reserves the right to modify these policies at any time.