The TaylorCrafts Engraved Advantage

When you buy one of our uniquely personalized and engraved items as a gift; be it housewarming, wedding, anniversary, or holiday; you're not just buying an item, you're giving your loved ones a unique experience and a treasured keepsake.

We've been duplicated and imitated, but nobody compares to TaylorCrafts for our quality made keepsakes.  With us you get the experience of a team of professionals who have made over 100,000 boards for customers and professionals worldwide.  A team who has not just care and concern for the little details, but maintains commitment to principles that set us miles ahead of any competition.  

While we mention about these benefits often as a selling point, in this post we'd like to explain more about what each one of them mean to us and why we stick by each and every one of them.

  • The ORIGINAL sellers of personalized engraved cutting boards

    Before we found this niche, engraved cutting boards weren't even a product you could find.  We believed in the beauty, usefulness, and impressive personalization that could transform a kitchen into a part of your personality and turn an everyday product into a cherished part of your home.

    Not only that, we don't dilute our products by attempting to engrave anything and everything under the sun.  When we add a product, it's because we truly believe in it, and that it partners well with our quality engraved cutting boards and chopping blocks.  We specialize so that we can provide you with a better experience.

The cutting board that started it all!!


  • QUICK turn around time for our made-to-order keepsakes (typically one week)

    Fast, but with a focus on quality.  One of the benefits of our extensive experience is that we are continually honing the process.  Making it better, and able to provide the same quality without having to sacrifice anything with a quicker turnaround.


  • NATURAL - We do not use any chemical stains, oils, or toxic glues.  Only food safe products

    We don't buy mass produced boards and blocks.  We work with craftsmen who know where to get a good quality wood to start.  We know where it comes from, and we care for it at every step to make sure it's completely safe and natural.

    We decided on Howard's Butcher Block conditioner to treat our boards prior to shipping because it's all natural.  Natural waxes, natural oils that help bring out the lustrous natural color of the wood.


  • LOCAL - Our boards are made here in the United States by local businesses and crafters.

    This is very important to us, and we hope it is to you.  

    We work with vendors who are just like us: small businesses that believe in their products and putting their skills into them.  Each of them are right here in the US, and most are right here in Utah.  This helps our community and our economy, and provides good jobs for people right here at home.


  • HANDMADE - Our boards are crafted by hand, we don't use cheap and inferior imported products

    We don't bring in boards from China.  We don't buy them from some mass produced warehouse that doesn't care about quality and just wants to push through thousands of boards at the lowest cost and lowest quality possible.

    You never know what you're getting with imports.  If you're buying an engraved cutting board for an extremely low price, that's usually where they are coming from. 

    Our partners and our employees go over each board carefully.  Weeding out ones that don't fit our standards, working over the boards to a high quality so that you can see the difference from the moment you open the package.

    The most frequent comment we get is that our boards look to wonderful to use.  That's an endorsement from our customers that speaks for itself!

  • QUALITY - We triple finish sand our boards BEFORE oiling for a exceptionally smooth result.

  • CRAFTSMANSHIP - All edges and corners are routed and sanded for quality standards

We're talking about both of these in the same paragraph, because they are part of the same process.  This is part of our commitment to quality.

We're not just passing the boards through a quick sanding machine or router that may not take small flaws into account.  We're shaping and sanding every surface and going over them by hand.  Making sure it's smooth to the touch and adding to the beauty of the piece.  These aren't just a slab of wood to us, it's a keepsake that you will enjoy looking at and holding in your hands every single day.

  • CARING - Boards are oiled AFTER engraving and allowed to fully cure over night before shipping

    Some engravers will oil the boards before engraving to save time.  Not us.  That will dull the engraving quality and open up the engraved portion to not being sealed by the oil.

    Our boards are sanded before and after engraving, then treated with oil that is allowed to cure overnight before we ship them out the next day.

    It adds a little more work, and we do it because we care.

  • EXPERIENCE - In business since 2010, with over 100,000 boards completed and going strong

    We've been at it the longest, and we engrave more cutting boards than anyone around.

    Experience matters.  Cutting boards aren't just one of many products we offer, it's something we specialize in.  That specialized practice is something we hone daily and the years of that experience shine through on every piece.  

    We know what makes each wood different, and how to get the best result our of each one.  We don't just have one or two woods that we all engrave the exact same way as we do every other item out there.  We monitor the results, we continually work on our processes.  We study the wood types, we study engraving techniques, and we look at what makes a good design.

    Many other engravers offer boards as part of their overall products, which they dilute continuously as they abandon one for whatever is "hot" that month or that year.  We believe in our products, and the experience they give our customers as quality gifts, and the experience that they give the recipients they are gifted to.


  • REPUTATION - The choice of "Chopped", TNT, The L.A. Lakers, The Grand Ol Opry and many more

Professionals come to us.  Realtors know to shop with us.  Big names know that when you want the best, you use the best.

We love these projects because they allow us to shine and show what we are capable of.  When the Los Angeles Lakers wanted to make an impression for Christmas, they came to us and we made it an experience for every season ticket holder.

When "Chopped" wanted quality gifts for their celebrity chefs, they knew whom to call and they have come back again and again.

When TNT was shooting a commercial for a new cooking show and needed a board that looked amazing, they called us too.

We treat every board as if it's a high profile client.  We put the same care into each and every one.



CHOICE - We have more woods and more options than anyone else

Nine woods.  Five sizes.  Gift Set Options.  Functional Enhancements.  Add On Items.  Gifting options.  Endearment engravings.  Realtor and business logos.

Because we specialize, we can offer more with our boards than other engravers.  We can carry more woods, offer more sizes.  Add items that make it more than just a cutting board, but a gift that is perfect for your loved ones.  

Not everybody may want bamboo as their only option.  Maybe you want to try to find a wood to enhance the look of their kitchen by being close to the colors they use in their home.  Perhaps you want to purchase one of our gift sets with a juice groove so that they have a board for cutting meats and a serving board for cheeses.  Maybe you want a nice stand to put it on and some of the conditioner to take care of it.  

We don't just sell cutting boards, we believe in making gifts that are as unique in the options and combinations we offer as each individual is.

  • CUSTOMIZATION- Bring your ideas to us!

    Many engravers won't do custom designs.  We love them!  In addition to the design experience we both have, we have a professional graphic designer on staff who loves working with custom design options.

We want you to see and appreciate the TaylorCrafts difference in every piece and come back to us for your special gifts on occasion after occasion.