The First Post - About Us

This is the first post of TaylorCrafts Engraving.  "We" consist of two people; Belinda Crafts and Tony Taylor.  Two unemployed high school friends that decided to open up a small business together, me as the owner and CEO, he as the graphic designer (he has since gone back to school to pursue a degree in Graphic Design).  Two years ago we started to sand blast stones, making yard markers and memorials.  We found very little success this route, spending a lot of time dealing with application problems and equipment malfunctions.  Our frustrations led us to not give up, but to look for alternatives.  We came into laser engraving after reading about the different applications it has, as well as the different materials that can be used to engrave.  Another application that we are just starting to play with is the vector cutting application.  This opens a whole new creative possibility for us. Most laser companies filter towards the corporate awards and trophy market, but we have never been drawn to that work, at least not as most engraving is done in those areas.  Nothing against those that do find satisfaction in that market, as it is needed, but we are both creative people, and seek to express that creativity in ways that go beyond placing a brass plate on a rosewood plaque.  We are always thinking of how else can we take what we have and use it in a unique way.

Right now our success has been in two markets, cutting boards and humidors.  Weird combination I know.  Humidor engraving came about with my husband, whose boss was leaving and wanted a humidor engraved with specific graphics relating to the work they did.  We came up with a design, and asked to be given the opportunity to buy and engrave a humidor.  Voila, we had a small humidor engraving business.  Since then, we have had a small share of military purchases, but the vast majority of our buyers have been brides buying a wedding gift for their soon to-be husband.  I love some of the expressions that are conceived on the boxes, knowing that they will be a part of their lives for years to come.

Engraved cutting boards came to be while doing some Christmas shopping at Ikea. I came across some inexpensive wood cutting boards and thought to engrave images in them and give them as Christmas gifts.  It worked, and everyone liked them.  Tony, who previously worked in the construction industry, had contacts with wood workers and contacted a mill that he has previously worked with.  He asked them to make a few different cutting boards out of different woods.  This was the beginning for this aspect of our business.  I opened the Etsy store in December, but didn't actually list anything for sale until June.  Since then, our cutting boards have been hot sellers.  I expect more sells with our new designs and the upcoming holidays.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and please stop by our Etsy store and see what we have to offer.  We can take most any idea and make it happen.

Belinda Crafts

TaylorCrafts Engraving