Cutting Board Cleaner and Conditioner


Cutting Board Cleaner and Conditioner

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Cleaning your board regularly cleans and neutralizes orders on well-used cutting surfaces.  Safely clean any wood surface, leaving it with a fresh scent.  A clean wood surface allows the Cutting Board Conditioner to penetrate deeper into the wood pores.

Howards Conditioner:

  • Exceeds U.S. FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food
  • Revitalizing blend prevents drying and cracking of hardwoods and bamboo
  • Natural waxes provide another level of protection
  • Ideal for cutting boards, chopping blocks, wooden bowls and utensils, etc.
  • Conditioner is available as a large (12oz) or small (3oz).  The cutting board cleaner is only available in the 12oz size.  The set is both the cleaner and conditioner in 12oz bottles.
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