How an Inexpensive Christmas Gift turned into a successful business!

The idea of engraved cutting boards came to Belinda and Tony after they both became unemployed during the recession of 2009-2010. While looking for an affordable Christmas gift for family and friends, Belinda looked at a cutting board and thought how perfect would it be to enhance a wood cutting board with personalized engraving? And Belinda wasn't the only one who loved this idea: from the very first engraved board listed online, they were a hit! Everyone loved the practical, elegant, personalized cutting boards for their home, gifts, or corporate events. 

Belinda and Tony decided to partner with a local wood mill to make them. When the business grew beyond what their modest workshop could bear, the two partners decided it was time to move closer to the production site. This was the beginning of a productive and rewarding relationship, as Tony and Belinda were now able to accommodate the large number of orders they were receiving. Things were really taking off, and TaylorCrafts continued to expand as the beautiful boards grew increasingly popular.

We opened our current shop in 2010 on Etsy and quickly expanded to a 3,000 ft space; partnering with local wood mills and local wood workers to source our quality materials.  As proud local employers in Salt Lake City, we put heart and soul into each piece that we craft.  
We're thrilled to bring you the heartfelt gifts that you need for your next occasion or event!


Belinda Crafts
Creative Director

Tony Taylor
Operations Manager

Associates & Staff

Kris Scott
Shipping Clerk

Manny Kilpack
Shop Forman

Nick Hardy
Shop Assistant

Cook To Give

Part of our business ethos is to give back to our community and to organization that we believe do amazing work.  Below is a showcase of a few events and organization we are proud to support with both product donations or cash donations.  As a customer of ours, you can know that part of what you are buying, goes to help and support these great organizations!

Product donations

We have been ongoing supporters of the American Heart Association's Heart's Delight Wine Tasting and Auction event held every year in Virginia.  

Matching Grant Sponsor

For three years now, we have been supporting the Humane Society of Utah's fundraising event in the "Love Utah, Live Utah" campaign.


Silent Auction Dontations